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Latest commit 57c7d55 @liewegas liewegas Merge pull request #6745 from drunkard/master
doc: fix typo in cephfs/quota
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_templates doc: Replaced with apt word and fixed grammatical error
_themes/ceph doc: customize css for the group title
api add calamari to the api/index section
cephfs doc: typo fix in cephfs/quota
changelog doc/release-notes: final v0.80.11 notes
dev doc: rgw: update x-amz-request-id status
images Corrected arch diagram signed off by:
install doc: update rpm links to
man/8 Merge branch 'wip-bigbang'
mon doc: Add Paxos call chain to doc/mon/
rados Correct typo 'restared' to 'restarted'
radosgw Merge pull request #5969 from rzarzynski/wip-conf-md-add
rbd doc: krbd supports clones since 3.10
scripts Update Python hashbang to respect environment
start doc: update rpm links to
.gitignore add an option: --with-man-pages doc: add ceph-create-keys.rst to dist tarball
architecture.rst doc: architecture minor fixes in watch notify doc: generate man pages in man/Makefile
favicon.ico doc: favicon.ico should be new Ceph icon.
glossary.rst doc: Define RADOS in glossary
index.rst doc: release timeline
logo.png doc: new theme
release-notes.rst doc/release-notes: fix typo
releases.rst doc/release-notes: final v10.0.0 notes
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