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libcephfs Java wrappers

- native/: C++
- java/: Java
- test/: JUnit tests
- lib/: JUnit library
- build.xml: Test runner


Autotools handles the build using the configure flag --enable-cephfs-java


These tests assume a live cluster, and depend on JUnit4 and Ant.

To run the tests make sure that the JUnit4 JAR is installed. 
Install it via a package manager or like this:

  $ mkdir lib
  $ cd lib
  $ wget

And then add the jar to the CLASSPATH.
*NOTE* for now, configure is only looking for this jar in the 
/usr/share/java directory as junit4.jar. So create a softlink
to that location from wherever the junit jar is installed. 

Ant is used to run the unit test (apt-get install ant). For example:

  $ cd src/
  $ ./vstart -d -n --localhost
  $ cd java
  $ CEPHFS_CONF=../ceph.conf CLASSPATH=/usr/share/java/junit4.jar ant test

1. The tests depend on the compiled wrappers. If the wrappers are installed as
part of a package (e.g. Debian package) then this should 'just work'. Ant will
also look in the current directory for 'libcephfs.jar' and 'libcephfs-test.jar';
and in ../build/lib for the
JNI library.  If all else fails, set the environment variables CEPHFS_JAR, and
CEPHFS_JNI_LIB accordingly.

2. Set CEPHFS_CONF environment variable to point to a ceph.conf. This can be
omitted if the desired configuration file can be found in a default location.


Ant is used to build the Javadocs:

  $ ant docs