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Cerabot is a Python robot that allows for the editing and perfoming of bot tasks on Wikipedia, and the interaction of users and command execution in an IRC network. The bot is currently in alpha development stage, and not completely suited for operation. Use this code at your own risk.



Cerabot operates with two components: an IRC component (cerabot/irc/); and a Wiki component (cerabot/wiki). Both are able to run independantly of each other.


The IRC component connects to an IRC server (i.e. or and are able to interact with other users connected to the server and are in a channel they are in. Cerabot can also run commands from the IRC server. The default command triggers for IRC commands are ! and ., however, this can be changed by editing self._triggers in the Parser class (cerabot/irc/, line 19). Custom IRC commands can be added to the irc/commands/ directory. Here is a simple template for commands:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# In order for the command to work you must 
# import the Command class and make your 
# command derive from this class.
from cerabot.irc.commands import Command

class MyCommand(Command):
    # This is the name of the command itself:
    name = "mycommand"

    # These are the hook that can be used from
    # IRC to call the command (i.e. if there is a 
    # hook named `foobar`, then a user on IRC may
    # call `!foobar` or `.foobar` (if you are using
    # the default command triggers):
    hooks = ["mycommand", "mycomm", "my_command"]

    # This is the help documentation for the command
    help_docs = "This is my command. Bazingaa!"

    def setup(self):
        """This is called immediately after the command
        class is instantiated. This is great for doing 
        tasks that the command will need. NOTE: setup()
        will only be called once on instantiation."""

    def call(self):
        """This is the main entry point for your command.
        Whenever an IRC user calls one of your hooks, this
        is what the command manager calls."""


The wiki component is designed for editing Wikipedia pages (I use it to edit Wikipedia, it can be used for just about any site with MediaWiki installed). There are several useful classes here: Page (cerabot/wiki/, which compiles some helpful details about an undividual page from a wiki. Category ([cerabot/wiki/] ( and File ([cerabot/wiki/] ( are classes derived from Page, but include some extra information specific to categories and files, respectively. User ([cerabot/wiki/] ( represents a particular user on the wiki. Site (cerabot/wiki/ represents the wiki itself. You can use Site.iterator for the site object to iterate over an API query result and return a Python [generator] ( with the results of the query; Site.tokener to return tokens for various wiki API actions (i.e. Changing user preferences, etc.); Site.name_to_id and Site.id_to_name to change a wiki namespace's name to it's id and vice versa; and Site.login and Site.logout to login and out of a wiki account. Use Site.query to get a raw API data back from a query., Site.category, Site.file and Site.user can be used to return an object of Page, Category, File and User, respectively.