A simple, lightweight semver package for Go.
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A semver package for go.

See godoc for the API.

This package was designed to be as lightweight and simple as possible. It provides a single Version type:

type Version struct {
	Major      int
	Minor      int
	Patch      int
	Prerelease string

The type has methods for comparison with other Version values: Equals, GreaterThan and LessThan.

The package has a test suite with 100% coverage. To run the tests:

go test -v -cover github.com/ceralena/go-semver

Non-Standard Behaviour

The Parse() function supports incomplete version strings where the meaning can be inferred. For example:

  • v2 -> v2.0.0
  • v2.4 -> v2.4.0


See godoc for the API.

Assuming familiarity with how to write Go code:

To get the package, run go get github.com/ceralena/go-semver, or just add it to the imports for your package:

import "github.com/ceralena/go-semver"

To parse a version string:

s := "v1.0.7-alpha"
v, err := semver.Parse(s)
if err != nil {

To compare two versions as equal, greater or less than:

a := semver.Version{1, 2, 3, "rc.1"}
b := semver.Version{4, 2, 3, "rc.1"}

a.Equals(b) // false
a.GreaterThan(b) // false
a.LessThan(b) // true

Printing the Version type will produce a standard semver string:

a := semver.Version{4, 12, 1, "beta"}
fmt.Sprintf("%s", a) // v4.12.1-beta


All contributions and bug reports are welcome.

If you have any questions or issues, please use GitHub's issue tracker.

If you want to contribute, you can either send a pull request or contact me on twitter.


This package uses the MIT license. Generally speaking: you can do anything with this code. See the LICENSE file for the full text.