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Reasons to fork

Why to fork Cerberus?

The main point of code fork (not blockchain fork) is to take control. Old Cerberus - there is nothing wrong with it except the author has gone, no control on boot nodes, no control on domain, no control on website, no control on Discord and BitcoinTalk, no control on source code. That is what we have done now. So everyone involved/interested may continue with it.

Are you planning to split/fork from the original Cerberus blockchain?

No. At the moment we try to keep the original chain which has already listed on exchanges. But by accident the Cerberus blockchain was already split yet before our release. Half of masternodes are not operational, half of wallets are on the wrong chain at 7xxxx block numbers (another half is above 8xxxx). In new version we enforce the correct chain. So our intention is to unite, not diverse.

Why you think your blockchain is the correct one?

As with any blockchain, the longer chain wins, we are on the longer chain, and exchanges also are on it. That's why we think this chain is the correct one. If you send some small CBS amount to CryptoBridge from new version at block number 8xxxx+, it will be deposited successfully. Try to send it from shorter chain 7xxxx, and you will never receive this deposit. And vice versa. Easy.

Are you taking over the premined funds? Who guarantees you won't take these funds and leave?

The premined funds have been blocked by the new version in this commit, and nobody will be able to use them. We don't want them. We'd rather resort to other sources for funding the project.

If nothing changes, why update?

See first question in this FAQ. If we don't update the nodes and wallets, the previous developers (who abandoned the network) will still have control over it (including the premined funds) and may use this power to attack it.

What is the latest block number?

Check the explorer above or type !stats on #ask-the-bot channel of our Discord to ask bot.

How many wallets have updated and running latest version?

No one can give an answer because no one has whole network statistics. But some estimations can be made on the basis of sub sample of network wallets connected to some node to estimate a share of updated nodes. We have a bot on Discord which provides such information. Type !help on any channel of our Discord.

Do you have a working blockchain explorer?


What will happen to my coins? Can I send them to the exchanges where CBS is listed?

Definitely yes, if they do exist on the correct chain. At this point of the project, the blockchain is the same, so the coin won't need to be re-listed. All the coins in your possession are able to be traded on the aforementioned exchanges. But read the rest of FAQ, there are exceptions.

Why my mined coins have disappeared after update?

When blockchain was split for some reason (yet before new release), each half existed on its own. So starting from the split point they were not related nor visible to each other. All coins you mined in the old chain are not usable. Being sent to any exchange, they will not appear. The only legit coins are those which existed before the split, and mined after the split in the correct (longer) chain. This is the chain that version enforces.

Can I recover those lost coins?

Unfortunately, no. If coins were mined in the wrong chain, they will be lost after upgrade. Not a big loss, actually, because you can't send them to any exchange. So we recommend to update your version ASAP and start mining in the new chain to get legit coins.


Will my Masternode rewards keep coming in?

Definitely yes. The new version of the masternode works exactly like the previous one, except for the fact that it grants us (the community) ownership and control of the network, on the nodes where it is already installed.

Do I have to recreate my Masternodes?

No. If you were on a wrong chain before update than you may need to Start your masternode as always. If you were on correct chain it usually does not require Start, but optionally you can do that to be sure. If a node was running (from the network's point of view), extra Start just pushes it to the bottom of payment queue. But if it did not pay for a long time, it doesn't matter - anyway Start is required.

I've been getting rewards but what do I need to change in order to get into the right blockchain?

Update software to the latest version (both wallet and VPS node). Running old version does not ensure that you will be on the correct chain every time (it depends on your peers). Running new version enforces the correct chain.

How to update?

How do I know which version I am running on Linux VPS?

Use cerberus-cli getinfo command and check the version string. "version": 120103 means (old one). The correct version is (or later) which is encoded like version": 120200.

How to update my wallet?

Stop/close it, make a backup of your wallet.dat file, update wallet release, start it. About dialog should show the latest version ( or above).

How to update my masternode running on Linux VPS?

On the masternode Linux VPS paste the following commands:

chmod +x
sudo ./

Do I need to add or keep addnode?

No. New version has boot nodes updated, so there is no need to keep them in the config files. That was one of purposes of taking it over.

How to set daemon autostart on boot/crash using Linux VPS

For decent ubuntu (16.04 or above) use the following systemd script.

Issues and solutions

Blockchain sync stuck

Stop the wallet/daemon. Remove everything from node data directory EXCEPT wallet.dat and *.conf. Remove any addnode from conf file. Restart new version of wallet/daemon. It should resync to the correct blockchain.

I got POSE_BAN on one of my MNs after the upgrade.

In our experience, we got the same for our new masternodes when by accident we configured masternode.conf using correct collateral txes but wrong IP of other existing node. The network considered that as a fraud attempt and has banned the node for the whole payment cycle. Solution was to fix the configuration, issue new Start command and hope all will be fine. In our case the node started paying in 12 hours (payment cycle, but it was new node never yet paid) even while the explorer cached POSE_BAN for it.

I have question not answered here.

Ask on Discord, and we may add the answer to this FAQ.

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