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Cerberus New Generation Framework


The general public's interest over cryptocurrencies has increased in the recent years after the deployment of the Bitcoin network in 2009. Since then, millions of dollars in profit have been made by early investors, and the capability of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to add value to an investment is almost undeniable. However, as a means of payment, the same cryptocurrencies have been facing a lot of resistance, due to virtually the same reason.

In fact, from the investor's standpoint, the great variation in value is a very attractive feature of the cryptocurrencies. But it's also exactly the same reason why it's not so attractive as a means of payment. Being so volatile, due to the market fluctuations that arise from intense speculation, they're not considered a way to permanently store value, being rapidly transformed into fiat currency by the main crypto payment providers.

The purpose of this work is not only the continuation of the development of an existing cryptocurrency but also the development of a framework that will enable it to create a true payment-aware ecosystem, which will use a currency token backed upon the use of products and services from the physical world, rather than speculation generated by market trading.


This document establishes the guidelines for creating an entire infrastructure that enables an ecosystem-based economy that is supported by a smart-contract approach. This approach makes use of building blocks that are devised on top of a software layer that operates on a dual-blockchain based infrastructure.

These two layers consist of an existing cryptocurrency, namely Cerberus New Generation (Cerberus-NG), which will be an external currency, as its blockchain will be meant to be primarily used as a collateral, and its units used to back operations that occur on a second blockchain where the ecosystem lies, and where a second token or currency will be issued, internally to the ecosystem.

This dual-blockchain approach will be proven to be more effective to create, for a certain ecosystem, a kind of internal currency token with the following features:

  1. It's backed by the external cryptocurrency (Cerberus-NG) that has both prof-of-work and proof of stake, giving real value to the network and all the ecosystems where it's stored;

  2. It's used to trade real products and services that are managed by applications developed inside of this ecosystem. This improves price stability, by giving what we call the "internal token or currency" a relative value measured in terms of real products and services rather than market fluctuations out of sheer speculation.

On the other hand, investors who purchase the "external token" (Cerberus-NG) will benefit from the network growth, that occurs as the ecosystem/ecosystems inside it encompass more products and services by means of the applications that are devised on top of this framework.

About this document

Why WikiPaper instead of White Paper?

The essential idea underlying all this community takeover process if that the community bestows ownership upon not only the coin but also its idea. The purpose of this document is to describe these new ideas from the community perspective and to accomplish this it should be editable by all its members, provided they have relevant ideas for the future of the coin and all the infrastructure behind it.

When will you consider this ready and eventually freeze it?

We currently have no plans on doing that. As a genuine Wiki document, it's ever-evolving and reflects the community's desires as to which goals are most relevant for the infrastructure that is about to be developed on top of the cryptocurrency, as well as the enhancements that it's about to undergo.

If it will never be ready, then the coin will never be done.

This couldn't be farther from the truth. With this development model, which is called spiral process, the product is always done and adapted to the user's current requirements. And at the same time, it's constantly ready to evolve, via a cyclic development process.

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