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ember-rest has no bpm package #14

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hey there

i'm new to ember and setup a very simple site using ember-rest and was pleasantly surprised when (with the help of the rack-cors gem) i was able to build a simple ember.js app that pulled data from site1 (rails) and displayed it on site2 (ember).

Great work.

I've just started filling out the app and wanted to move to a package manager system. It seems that bpm doesn't have a copy of your wonderful library. are you planning to release it as a bpm package? soon? if not, let me know and i might just do that for my own sanity.

Mr Rogers

Cerebris Corporation member

Hi! I'm so glad you've found ember-rest useful. I don't have any plans to release it as a bpm package, so please feel free to do so yourself. Thanks for checking!

Cerebris Corporation member

Since ember itself doesn't have an active bpm package, and I have no interest in maintaining one for ember-rest, I'm closing this.

@dgeb dgeb closed this
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