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title: What's New type: guide order: 2 version: 0.9


  • Caching support for ActiveRecord based resources
  • Ids are now fetched through a resource method which delegates to the model
  • Requests are now handled internally in one operation.
  • Exception backtraces and now configurable instead of defaulting to !production.
  • Configuration option to whitelist all exceptions.
  • Loosens Accept header check to allow header to start with :api_json

Breaking Changes

  • Removed deprecated updateable and createable methods (note misspellings). Use updatable and creatable instead.
  • Drops support for Rails 4.1
  • Requires Ruby 2.1
  • Derived resources now use the model name of their base resource, if it is not abstract.
  • When using client generated ids, e.g. for GUIDs, the id field must be added to the creatable_fields method.

And finally there were numerous bug fixes. Full details are in the Release Notes.