@lgebhardt lgebhardt released this Feb 14, 2017 · 161 commits to master since this release

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  • Caching support for ActiveRecord based resources
  • Ids are now fetched through resource method which delegates to model
  • Now handles all base spec requests as a single operation
  • Make exception backtraces configurable (instead of defaulting to !production).
  • Adds configuration option to whitelist all exceptions.
  • Loosens Accept header check to allow starts with :api_json
  • Add facility to override error object members in JR Exceptions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing context on show_related_resources
  • Fixes handling of valid media types
  • Fixes issue with controller filter order conflicts when checking media types
  • Fixes situation where the linkage data could be partially calculated
  • Fixes mismatch of object_id in exception_class_whitelist
  • Fixes issue with rails engines paths and resources without namespaces
  • Fixes issue rebuilding self link when link is provided
  • Fixes handling camelized resources when looking up resource classes
  • Fixes bug where immutable resources were generating routes for methods which mutate the resource
  • Fixes issue with missing relationship data when serializing with complex includes
  • Fix polymorphic type setter
  • Fix issue where resources received context nested in hash
  • Skip preloading of polymorphic relations, better handling of serialization with partially preloaded relations
  • Fix so includes now follow namespacing
  • Rescues JSON parsing error and return all exceptions from the parser in _parser_exception
  • Fixes sort with has one include
  • Fixes an issue where the recreated relationships might be using the wrong model_name if the model_name is changed in a resource that is derived from a non abstract resource, such as done in many of the tests.
  • Fixes issues related to CSV parsing of includes
  • Fixes issues with has_one polymorphic serialization
  • Fixes LoadError issue with engines
  • Fixes issue where a creatable id breaks Postgres when Postgres manages the id sequence.
  • Fixes page count when paginator is :none
  • Fixes issue with nil values from include params, for example include: ',,'

Breaking Changes

  • Removed deprecated updateable and createable methods (note misspellings). Use updatable and creatable instead.
  • Drops support for rails 4.1
  • Sets the required_ruby_version to 2.1
  • Derived resources now use the model name of their base resource, if it is not abstract.
  • If you need ids to be created by the client, say for using GUIDs, you must now add the id to the creatable_fields method