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Mailhopper provides an ActiveRecord based queue for email storage and delivery in Rails apps.
+Why use Mailhopper to queue your email?
+* Mailhopper captures the full content and headers of emails at their time of creation. It can handle multiple MIME types and attachments.
+* If email can't be delivered from your queue (e.g. your smtp server is down), you can retry delivery until successful.
+* Emails can be accessed at any time, even after they've been sent.
Mailhopper is intended to be used along with a delivery agent such as DelayedMailhopper, which uses DelayedJob to deliver email from the Mailhopper queue. Without use of a delivery agent, emails will accumulate in the Mailhopper queue but won't be delivered.
== Requirements
Rails 3.1+
-== Installation for Rails
+== Installation
Add to your project's Gemfile:

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