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  • fix: fix lint error
  • Simplify development and test configuration (#378)
  • fix: remove publish
  • chore: bumb node version
  • feat: Add transparency to BrowserWindow options (#430)
  • feat: Add config option to hide on blur (#454)
  • fix: serif font on systems that do not define a system font (#455)
  • feat: style scrollbars (#422)
  • chore: update package.json
  • fix: Move event handling to before the 'preventedDefault' property is read (#435)
  • feat: Open cerebro window on Active screen (#416)
  • chore: bump electron version
  • feat: add install plugins manually (#518)
  • feat: add env and dotenv (#519)
  • Add extension to .eslintrc (#472)
  • Merge pull request #487 from saadmk11/change-theme-readme
  • Updating the to Document how to change Themes
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  • Fixed fail when no description provided for published plugin
  • Added opt-in for statistics and crash reports (thanks @ionphractal)
  • Fix text positioning and scrollbars issues (thanks @lawgsy)
  • Restore focus to previous window on blur/hide on Windows (thanks @ lawgsy)
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  • Fix for plugin settngs
  • Support for portable mode (i.e. from USB drive), thanks @CTrauma
  • Added section for "development" plugins
  • Some more minor changes
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This release includes a lot of small changes and improvements. Mostly it was about simplifying core logic, reducing count of dependencies and application size.


  • All core plugins extracted to own packages, so any plugin could be installed and uninstalled separately. Did you want to use duck-duck-go and uninstall google? Now you can!
  • Added "open at login" option to settings;
  • Added version for Windows 32 bit;
  • Set focus back to the previous application: before if you set focus in some input in application and show/hide Cerebro – focus won't be restored in this input. Now it is;


  • Improved plugins development flow: check out create-cerebro-plugin to start building plugins without any configuration;
  • Main UI components extracted to cerebro-ui package;
  • Migrated to webpack 2. It reduces size of final JS bundles;
  • Added js bundles minification. It reduces size of final JS bundles even more;
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  • Show app icons on windows
  • Single instance app: now when you open Cerebro several times on Windows/Linux, only one instance is loaded
  • Group plugins in available and installed
  • Added "reload" built-in command
  • Added "version" built-in command
  • Human-readable format of config.json file
  • Added donate tray menu item and donate window
  • Implemented lightweight vim-mode: you can use ctrl/cmd+jkhlo for navigation
  • [linux] Added binary name support for app search
  • Added settings for plugins: now you can include user-editable settings for your plugins
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  • Converter: Add Indian rupee;
  • Windows: fix some applications launch (i.e. discord);
  • Do not clean search input by cmd/ctrl+backspace, use system shortcuts;
  • Fix global exception on some Arch Linux machines;
  • MacOS: display above fullscreen apps;
  • Fix plugins search (only 25 plugins were shown, now all);
  • Quit application when main window is closed (now using alt+f4 on Windows or cmd+w won't cause an error);
  • Minor bug fixes;


  • Plugins autoupdate;
  • Better formatting of plugins (do not include "Cerebro" word in title/description);
  • Split plugins to categories (Updates, Installed and Available)
  • Do not reload application when plugin installed or uninstalled;


  • Migrate to yarn;
  • Use npm's registry to search plugins (should be more stable, than;
  • Better experience of plugins development: when you use boilerplate and start npm run debug, plugin is automatically added to app.
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  • Hide preview panel when preview is not available;
  • [Fix] plugin installation: sometimes plugin installation failed, now it is fixed. If you have any plugins that doesn't work – just try to reinstall them;
  • [Fix] After reloading of main window some users had error dialog "Error: Attempting to call a function in a renderer...".