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Boilerplate for ChibiOS projects
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This is the boilerplate for starting up a ChibiOS project on Linux.


  1. Automatically tracks important dependencies (ChibiOS hash, GCC version) for future-proof builds.

  2. Provides an easier way to put breakpoints while using command line GDB client:

    1. Switch to your code editor and place a // debugger comment at the end of the line which you want to place a breakpoint.
    2. Switch to your GDB prompt
    3. Ctrl+C
    4. update-breakpoints (or ub for short)
    5. Type c to continue.
  3. You can share your custom headers (see ./include folder) between your projects.

  4. Provides an easy switch for Debug and Release build targets (see Target file)


  1. Tested only on Linux.
  2. stlink as the GDB server.
  3. (Optional) Tmux.


  1. Create your project directory, eg. "myproject"

     mkdir myproject
     cd myproject
  2. Add this library as a submodule:

     git submodule add
     git submodule update --init --recursive
  3. Initialize:

  4. Your main file is app/main.c.

  5. Build your project:

  6. Flash or debug your project:

     make write # for only flashing
     make start-debugging # to start debugging your application.


See as an example usage of this tool.

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