Unit to use Excel or OpenOffice Calc docs in a transparent way from Delphi
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Delphi Unit (tested on D7, should work on any version) that allows you to open, change, print and similar things on spread sheets using Excel or OpenOffice in a transparent way: The code uses the app. you have installed or that better suits the file type you are using.

Most of the procedures in this object are dual: They behaves differently depending on the app. being used (Excel/OpenOffice), but please note that some functions could not be achieved in one of the two apps.

// *******************************************************
// ** Delphi object for dual SpreadSheet managing using **
// ** Excel or OpenOffice in a transparent way.         **
// ** By: Sergio Hernandez (oficina(at)hcsoft.net)      **
// ** Version 1.00 30-06-2011 (DDMMYYYY)                **
// ** Use it freely, change it, etc. at will.           **
// ** Updates: Search for sergio-hcsoft in github:      **
// **      sergio-hcsoft/Delphi-SpreadSheets.git        **
// *******************************************************

  //Create object: We have two flavours:
  //(A) from an existing file...
  HCalc:= THojaCalc.create(OpenDialog.FileName, false);
  //(B) from a blank document...
  HCalc:= THojaCalc.create(thcOpenOffice, true); //OpenOffice doc if possible, please
  HCalc.FileName:= 'C:\MyNewDoc'; //Needs a file name before you SaveDoc!
  //--end of creation.
  HCalc.ActivateSheetByIndex(2); //Activate second sheet
  if HCalc.IsActiveSheetProtected then
    ShowMessageHC('2nd sheet of name "'+HCalc.ActiveSheetName+'" IS protected');
  //Change a cell value.
  if HCalc.CellText[i,2] = '' then HCalc.CellText[i,2] := 'Hello world!';
  HCalc.AddNewSheet('New Sheet');

  -PrintActiveSheet is not working for OpenOffice (is it even possible?)
  -Listener for OpenOffice so I can be notified if user visually close the doc.

   -Saving in Excel2007 will use Excel97 .xls file format instead of .xlsx
   -Added a funtion by Alex Smith to set a cell text into italic.
   -Added two procedures to easily send a number or a date to a cell position:
   SendDate(Row, Col, Date) and SendNumber(Row, Col, Float), if you look at
   the code you will notice that this is not so trivial as one could spect.
   -I have added (as comments) some useful code found on forums (copy-paste rows)
   -Added CellFormula(col, row), similar to CellText, but allows to set a cell
   to a number wihout the efect of being considered by excel like a "text that
   looks like a number" (doesn't affect OpenOffice). Use it like this:
   CellFormula(1,1):= '=A2*23211.66';
   Note1: Excel will always spect numbers in this shape: no thousand separator
          and dot as decimal separator, regardless of your local configuration.
   Note2: Date is also bad interpreted in Excel, in this case you can use
          CellText but the date must be in american format: MM/DD/YYYY, if you
          use other format, it will try to interpret as an american date and
          only if it fails will use your local date format to "decode" it.
   -Added PrintSheetsUntil(LastSheetName: string) -only works on excel- to print
   out all tabs from 1 until -excluded- the one with the given name in such a
   way that only one print job is created instead of one per tab (only way to do
   this in previous versions, so converting part of a excel to a single PDF
   using a printer like PDFCreator was not posible).
   -ActivateSheetByIndex detect imposible index and allows to insert sheet 100 (it will create all necesary sheets)
   -SaveDocAs added a second optional parameter for OOo to use Excel97 format (rescued from V0.93 by Rômulo)
   -A little stronger ValidateSheetName() (filter away \ and " too).
   -OpenOffice V2 compatible (small changes)
   -A lot of "try except" to avoid silly errors.
   -SaveDocAs(Name: string): boolean; (Added by Massimiliano Gozzi)
   -New function FileName2URL(Name) to convert from FileName to URL (OOo SaveDosAs)
   -New function ooCreateValue to hide all internals of OOo params creation
   ** By Rômulo Silva Ramos **
   -FontSize(Row, Col, Size): change font size in that cell.
   -BackgroundColor(row, col: integer; color:TColor);
   -Add ValidateSheetName to validate sheet names when adding or renaming a sheet
   REVERTED FUNCTIONS (not neccesary in newer version V0.95 anymore)
   -Change AddNewSheet to add a new sheet in end at sheet list
   *REVERTED IN V0.95*
       It creates sheet following the active one, so to add at the end:
       AddNewSheet('Sheet '+IntToStr(CountSheets+1));
   -Change in SaveDoc to use SaveAs/StoreAsUrl
   *REVERTED V0.95*
       Use SaveDocAs(Name, true) for StoreAsUrl in Excel97 format.
   -SetActiveSheetName didn't change the name to the right sheet on OpenOffice.
   -PrintPreview: New procedure to show up the print preview window.
   -Bold(Row, Col): Make bold the text in that cell.
   -ColumnWidth(col, width): To change a column width.
   -NewDoc: New procedure for creating a blank doc (used in create)
   -Create from empty doc adds a blank document and take visibility as parameter.
   -New functions ooCreateValue and ooDispatch to clean up the code.
   -ActiveSheetName: Now is a read-write property, not a read-only function.
   -Visible: Now is a read-write property instead of a create param only.
  -Create from empty doc now tries both programs (if OO fails try to use Excel).
  -CellTextByName: Didn't work on Excel docs.