Where I store all of my design files for my 3D models
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This is where I store all of my design files for my 3D models.

Most of it is Roleplaying Game terrain tiles.

All of these files are licensed with a BSD license. Mostly because I was granted a BSD license from Printable Scenery to use their OpenLOCK™ technology as the basis of my tiles.

I also have a DRAGONBITE™ license, but they have fewer templates available.

You can get the OpenLOCK™ clip from the free templates file on the Printable Scenery website.

I also designed and created a system that allows you to use 3/16" foam board with OpenLOCK™. These templates are available under the stl folder.

I print these on an Ender 3 Pro with a 60° bed and a 200° nozzle temperature. I do not use any supports and I use a 10% infill. There is no bed adhesion other than a skirt.

Basically, I use the default Cura profile with a 10% infill.

These take ~1.5 hours to print.

You can learn how to make these for yourself by reading my blog post or watching the YouTube video.

OpenLOCK™ compatible

License: OpenLOCK™ license