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Help us make this project better by contributing. Whether it is a new feature, a bug fix, or simply improving the documentation, your contribution is welcome. Please start by logging a github issue or by submitting a pull request.

To help ensure a smooth process for everyone, please read our code of conduct and review the following guidelines before contributing.

Issue reporting

  • Please browse the existing issues before logging a new issue.
  • Check that the issue has not already been fixed in the master branch.
  • Open an issue with a descriptive title and a summary.
  • Please be as clear and explicit as you can in your description of the problem.
  • Please state the affected versions in the description.
  • Include any relevant code in the issue summary.

Pull requests

Integration Tests

  • An HNAM domain is required for integration testing.
  • The integration tests for the CCL and Whitenoise pluigns require a profile providing the domain-specific settings and a system property named maven-profile with its value equal to the id of that profile. The Whitenoise plugin further requires that profile to be activated by that system property. It is convenient to have the profile set the system property. See ccl-maven-plugin and whitenoise-maven-plugin for details.
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