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Contouring tools

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Creating and editing structures via the GUI

  • To create or edit a structure, select Structures (menu) -> Contouring .

Please note: CERR supports contouring only on the transverse view.

  • From the contouring panel, select Create to create a new structure or select an existing structure to modify from the Struct drop-down list. To (re)name a structure, enter the structure name in the Rename field.

  • To begin contouring, use the Pencil tool or the Brush/eraser combination tool.


Using the brush/eraser tool

When dragging the cursor from within the current contour, the brush/eraser tool serves as a brush, and can be used to create contours. When the cursor is dragged from outside the contour, the tool switches to eraser mode. To force brush mode, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+b . Ctrl+e forces eraser mode.


  • To save the current contours, click the Save button on the contouring panel. To exit contouring mode, click the Quit button.

Other available keyboard shortcuts:

  • +/- keys to increase/decrease brush size, respectively.

  • Delete key to delete the current structure.

  • Ctrl+c to copy contours of the selected structure from the current slice and

  • Ctrl+v to paste the copied contours to the current slice.

Deriving new structures

  1. Select Structures -> Derive new structure
  2. In the structure fusion GUI, first select the operation to be performed. Next, select the structures to be combined, followed by 'Make intermediate'.
  3. Intermediate structures are listed under the 'Intermediate' section. Select 'Make Struct', followed by an intermediate structure to create the derived structure.