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Certego Netscaler Threathunter

Following the incidents related to the exploitation of the CVE-2019-19781 we developed this bash2 compatible script in order to facilitate threat hunting operations.

Note #1: we take no responsibility for the improper use of this script. We recommend using it with caution on critical systems in production.

Note #2: except for its optional log file, the script does not perform any writing operations, does not need any installation and can also be launched in fileless mode.


  1. Netscaler running on FreeBSD OS
  2. nsroot or root privileges


This script aims to:

  1. validate patch of CVE-2019-19781
  2. enumerate persistences and artifacts related to CVE-2019-19781
  3. guide users to change ns.conf credentials to avoid future campaigns and to patch quickly
  4. spot possible advanced privilege escalation.

FileBase Execution

cd <path/to/uploaded/>
chmod +x
./ -a -l 2>/tmp/netscaler_threathunter_errors.log ### at the moment the script does not log errors

FileLess Execution

### then run one of the following commands:
curl '' 2>/dev/null| bash -s -- -a -l 2>netscaler_threathunter_error.log
fetch -qo - '' 2>/dev/null| bash -s -- -a -l 2>netscaler_threathunter_error.log
wget -qO - '' 2>/dev/null | bash -s -- -a -l 2>/tmp/netscaler_threathunter_error.log

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