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Welcome to the PLV@NUS club!

The seminar series are aimed at strengthening the synergy between multiple NUS SoC researchers working in different areas related to design and implementation of programming languages, and verification. Of particular interest are such topics as program synthesis, repair, static analysis, type systems and logics, as well as their applications to security, privacy, algorithms and ML.

Meeting Schedule

Fall 2020


Spring 2020

The talks usually take place on Wednesdays. Pizzas and drinks are served in COM2-04-01 at noon, and the talks are starting around 12:25 at COM2-04-02.

Date Presenter Talk Title
29/01 Aquinas Hobor A Functional Proof Pearl: Inverting the Ackermann Hierarchy
05/02 Toàn Nguyễn Thanh Rinser: Concise Explanations in Static Analysis Driven Code Reviews
12/02 Sangharatna Godboley Optimal MC/DC Test Case Generation
19/02 Ilya Sergey Incorrectness Logic
26/02 (Talk 1) Yahui Song Tvide: Automated Temporal Verification of Integrated Dependent Effects
26/02 (Talk 2) Martin Henz Source Academy, what's in it for you
04/03 Kuldeep Meel Towards Verifying AI Systems: Testing of Samplers
11/03 Ivan Beschastnikh Compiling Distributed System Models into Implementations
18/03 Yutaka Nagashima Automating proof by induction in Isabelle/HOL using domain-specific languages

The remaining meetings in Spring 2020 are cancelled to avoid unnecessary risks of exposing the attendees to COVID-19. Seminar series will continue in Autumn 2020.

Kinds of Talks to Give

A typical talk takes roughly 1 hour or less, including a Q&A session. The following types of talks are welcomed:

  • Paper-based talk, focused on presenting the speaker's own work or some paper they have read and would like to discuss. The paper is announced in advance, so the others would have a chance to read it before the meeting.
  • Work-in-Progress talk, dedicated to discussing some promising, but not yet published work.
  • Practice talk for conferences and workshops. As those are usually short, we can have 2-3 talks in a single session.
  • Trip report - a collection of 3-5 short summaries of the conference talks recently attended by the speaker
  • Invited talk by the guests of the department

More suggestions are welcome!

Contributing with a Talk

Feel free to contribute with your own suggestions and/or volunteer with a talk!

To suggest a talk, please, get in touch with Ilya or Andreea.

On Giving Research Talks

Some Papers to Read

To bootstrap the meetings, here are some papers we could read and discuss. Please, pick one and get in touch if you're interested to give a talk.

PL Design, Types, and Semantics

Logics, Verification, and Mechanisation

Program Synthesis and Repair

Security, Privacy and Algorithmic Problems

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