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cdef extern from "math.h":
enum: M_E
enum: M_LOG2E
enum: M_LOG10E
enum: M_LN2
enum: M_LN10
enum: M_PI
enum: M_PI_2
enum: M_PI_4
enum: M_1_PI
enum: M_2_PI
enum: M_2_SQRTPI
enum: M_SQRT2
enum: M_SQRT1_2
double acos(double x)
double asin(double x)
double atan(double x)
double atan2(double y, double x)
double cos(double x)
double sin(double x)
double tan(double x)
double cosh(double x)
double sinh(double x)
double tanh(double x)
double acosh(double x)
double asinh(double x)
double atanh(double x)
double exp(double x)
double log(double x)
double log10(double x)
double pow(double x, double y)
double sqrt(double x)
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