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# This overrides the default CMake Debug and Release compiler options.
# The user can still specify different options by setting the
# CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS_[RELEASE,DEBUG] variables (on the command line or in the
# CMakeList.txt). This files serves as better CMake defaults and should only be
# modified if the default values are to be changed. Project specific compiler
# flags should be set in the CMakeList.txt by setting the CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS_*
# variables.
# gfortran
set(common "-std=f2008 -Wall -Wextra -Wimplicit-interface -Werror -fPIC -fmax-errors=1")
set(CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS_RELEASE_INIT "${common} -O3 -march=native -ffast-math -funroll-loops")
set(CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS_DEBUG_INIT "${common} -g -fbounds-check -fcheck-array-temporaries -fbacktrace")
elseif (CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER_ID STREQUAL "Intel")
# ifort
set(common "-std2003 -warn all")
set(CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS_RELEASE_INIT "${common} -xHOST -O3 -no-prec-div -static")
set(CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS_DEBUG_INIT "${common} -check all")
endif ()
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