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c **********
c this program tests the ability of chkder to detect
c inconsistencies between functions and their first derivatives.
c fourteen test function vectors and jacobians are used. eleven of
c the tests are false(f), i.e. there are inconsistencies between
c the function vectors and the corresponding jacobians. three of
c the tests are true(t), i.e. there are no inconsistencies. the
c driver reads in data, calls chkder and prints out information
c required by and received from chkder.
c subprograms called
c minpack supplied ... chkder,errjac,initpt,vecfcn
c argonne national laboratory. minpack project. march 1980.
c burton s. garbow, kenneth e. hillstrom, jorge j. more
c **********
integer i,ldfjac,lnp,mode,n,nprob,nread,nwrite
integer na(14),np(14)
logical a(14)
double precision cp,one
double precision diff(10),err(10),errmax(14),errmin(14),
* fjac(10,10),fvec1(10),fvec2(10),x1(10),x2(10)
c logical input unit is assumed to be number 5.
c logical output unit is assumed to be number 6.
data nread,nwrite /5,6/
data a(1),a(2),a(3),a(4),a(5),a(6),a(7),a(8),a(9),a(10),a(11),
* a(12),a(13),a(14)
* /.false.,.false.,.false.,.true.,.false.,.false.,.false.,
* .true.,.false.,.false.,.false.,.false.,.true.,.false./
data cp,one /1.23d-1,1.0d0/
ldfjac = 10
10 continue
read (nread,60) nprob,n
if (nprob .le. 0) go to 40
call initpt(n,x1,nprob,one)
do 20 i = 1, n
x1(i) = x1(i) + cp
cp = -cp
20 continue
write (nwrite,70) nprob,n,a(nprob)
mode = 1
call chkder(n,n,x1,fvec1,fjac,ldfjac,x2,fvec2,mode,err)
mode = 2
call vecfcn(n,x1,fvec1,nprob)
call errjac(n,x1,fjac,ldfjac,nprob)
call vecfcn(n,x2,fvec2,nprob)
call chkder(n,n,x1,fvec1,fjac,ldfjac,x2,fvec2,mode,err)
errmin(nprob) = err(1)
errmax(nprob) = err(1)
do 30 i = 1, n
diff(i) = fvec2(i) - fvec1(i)
if (errmin(nprob) .gt. err(i)) errmin(nprob) = err(i)
if (errmax(nprob) .lt. err(i)) errmax(nprob) = err(i)
30 continue
np(nprob) = nprob
lnp = nprob
na(nprob) = n
write (nwrite,80) (fvec1(i), i = 1, n)
write (nwrite,90) (diff(i), i = 1, n)
write (nwrite,100) (err(i), i = 1, n)
go to 10
40 continue
write (nwrite,110) lnp
write (nwrite,120)
do 50 i = 1, lnp
write (nwrite,130) np(i),na(i),a(i),errmin(i),errmax(i)
50 continue
60 format (2i5)
70 format ( /// 5x, 8h problem, i5, 5x, 15h with dimension, i5, 2x,
* 5h is , l1)
80 format ( // 5x, 25h first function vector // (5x, 5d15.7))
90 format ( // 5x, 27h function difference vector // (5x, 5d15.7))
100 format ( // 5x, 13h error vector // (5x, 5d15.7))
110 format (12h1summary of , i3, 16h tests of chkder /)
120 format (46h nprob n status errmin errmax /)
130 format (i4, i6, 6x, l1, 3x, 2d15.7)
c last card of derivative check test driver.
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