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from fabric.api import env, local, run, sudo, cd, hide, prefix
from fabric.context_managers import shell_env, prefix
from fabric.operations import put, get
from fabric.contrib.files import append, exists
env.use_ssh_config = True
def all():
def prepare():
def prepare_userspace():
This can be reverted by executing 'remove_userspace'.
def prepare_apt():
sudo("apt-get -qq update")
# This is needed to avoid the EULA dialog
# (
sudo("echo ttf-mscorefonts-installer msttcorefonts/accepted-mscorefonts-eula select true | debconf-set-selections")
sudo("apt-get -y install git wine python-virtualenv texlive-latex-recommended texlive-latex-extra texlive-fonts-recommended make python-dev g++ libfreetype6-dev libpng-dev")
def remove_userspace():
Deletes (!) the NumPy and Wine changes. Use with great care.
run("rm -rf repos")
run("rm -rf .wine")
def copy():
run("mkdir -p repos/numpy-vendor")
run("cp -r /vagrant/* repos/numpy-vendor/")
def gitrepos():
run("mkdir -p repos")
with cd("repos"):
run("git clone")
with cd("numpy"):
run("git checkout -t origin/maintenance/1.7.x")
def setup_wine():
with cd("repos/numpy-vendor"):
def setup_paver():
with cd("repos/numpy-vendor"):
run("tar xzf Paver-1.0.5.tar.gz")
with cd("Paver-1.0.5"):
run("python build")
sudo("python install")
def numpy_cpucaps():
with cd("repos/numpy/tools/win32build/cpucaps"):
run('wine "C:\Python27\python" "C:\Python27\Scripts\"')
run(r"cp cpucaps.dll $HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/NSIS/Plugins")
def numpy_release():
with cd("repos/numpy"):
run("paver sdist")
run("paver bootstrap")
with prefix("source bootstrap/bin/activate"):
run("python install")
run("pip install matplotlib")
run("pip install docutils jinja2 pygments")
run("paver pdf")
run("paver bdist_superpack -p 3.3")
run("paver bdist_superpack -p 3.2")
run("paver bdist_superpack -p 3.1")
run("paver bdist_superpack -p 2.7")
run("paver bdist_superpack -p 2.6")
run("paver bdist_superpack -p 2.5")
run("paver write_release_and_log")
run("paver bdist_wininst_simple -p 2.5")
run("paver bdist_wininst_simple -p 2.6")
run("paver bdist_wininst_simple -p 2.7")
run("paver bdist_wininst_simple -p 3.1")
run("paver bdist_wininst_simple -p 3.2")
run("paver bdist_wininst_simple -p 3.3")
def numpy_copy_release_files():
with cd("repos/numpy"):
run("cp -r release/ /vagrant/")
run("cp build_doc/pdf/*.pdf /vagrant/release/")
run("mkdir /vagrant/release/pypi")
run("cp dist/*.exe /vagrant/release/pypi/")
run("cp build/py3k/dist/*.exe /vagrant/release/pypi/")
with cd("/vagrant/release"):
run("mv installers/* .")
run("rm -r installers")
run("mv NOTES.txt README.txt")
mac_tmp = "numpy_tmp" # NumPy and dependencies will be built in $HOME/"mac_tmp"
#FIXME: the Python path is hardwired here...
#TODO: just remove this hack:
mac_prefix = 'export PYTHONPATH="$HOME/%s/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/" PATH="$HOME/%s/usr/bin:$PATH"' % (mac_tmp, mac_tmp)
def mac_setup():
run("mkdir %s" % mac_tmp)
def mac_copy_pdf():
with cd(mac_tmp + "/numpy"):
run("mkdir -p build_doc/pdf")
put("release/reference.pdf", "build_doc/pdf/")
put("release/userguide.pdf", "build_doc/pdf/")
def mac_remove_userspace():
run("rm -rf %s" % mac_tmp)
def mac_setup_numpy():
with cd(mac_tmp):
run("git clone")
with cd("numpy"):
run("git checkout -t origin/maintenance/1.7.x")
def mac_setup_bdist_mpkg():
with cd(mac_tmp):
run("git clone")
with cd("bdist_mpkg"):
with prefix(mac_prefix):
run("python install --prefix=../usr")
def mac_setup_paver():
with cd(mac_tmp):
with prefix(mac_prefix):
put("Paver-1.0.5.tar.gz", ".")
run("tar xzf Paver-1.0.5.tar.gz")
with cd("Paver-1.0.5"):
run("python install --prefix=../usr")
def mac_setup_virtualenv():
with cd(mac_tmp):
with prefix(mac_prefix):
put("virtualenv-1.8.4.tar.gz", ".")
run("tar xzf virtualenv-1.8.4.tar.gz")
with cd("virtualenv-1.8.4"):
run("python install --prefix=../usr")
def mac_numpy_release():
with cd(mac_tmp + "/numpy"):
run("paver sdist")
run("paver dmg -p 2.5")
run("paver dmg -p 2.6")
run("paver dmg -p 2.7")
get("release/installers/*.dmg", "release/")
# ------------------------------------------------
# Vagrant related configuration
def vagrant():
vc = _get_vagrant_config()
# change from the default user to 'vagrant'
env.user = vc['User']
# connect to the port-forwarded ssh
env.hosts = ['%s:%s' % (vc['HostName'], vc['Port'])]
# use vagrant ssh key
env.key_filename = vc['IdentityFile']
# Forward the agent if specified:
env.forward_agent = vc.get('ForwardAgent', 'no') == 'yes'
def _get_vagrant_config():
Parses vagrant configuration and returns it as dict of ssh parameters
and their values
result = local('vagrant ssh-config', capture=True)
conf = {}
for line in iter(result.splitlines()):
parts = line.split()
conf[parts[0]] = ' '.join(parts[1:])
return conf
# ---------------------------------------
# Just a simple testing command:
def uname():
run('uname -a')