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Qsnake is an open source distribution of scientific codes with a unified Python interface.



Download the source package from:

Install prerequisites:

  • gfortran (>= 4.4, due to the iso_c_binding module)
  • gcc, g++ (>= 4.2 should be enough)
  • python (>= 2.5 should work)
  • make (any version should work)

On recent Ubuntu, you can just do:

sudo apt-get install gcc g++ gfortran python make


tar xf qsnake-0.9.11.tar
cd qsnake-0.9.11
./qsnake -b

Development Version

Besides the prerequisites above, also install:

  • git (just make sure it has the http support)

On recent Ubuntu, you can just do:

sudo apt-get install git

Download the git repository:

git clone
cd qsnake

Download external packages:

./qsnake -d

Now you have an equivalent source package as in the "Release" section (except with all the recent updates). Install qsnake as usual using:

./qsnake -b


Add the qsnake executable into your $PATH, for example by:

cd ~/usr/bin
ln -s ~/repos/qsnake/qsnake .
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/usr/bin

And just use qsnake from now on.


Run qsnake:


Launch web GUI:

qsnake --lab

or run lab() from within qsnake in a terminal. You can install any package, for example numpy, by doing qsnake install numpy. You can develop in the Qsnake environment with:

qsnake --shell


Everything in the Qsnake git repository is BSD licensed (see the LICENSE file). Individual packages, that are downloaded externally, can have other licenses. Depending on what packages you install, you should consult their licenses to make sure that you comply with them.

Related Software

Qsnake should be compatible with Sage, the buildsystem is rewritten from scratch, and it is BSD licensed, but the format of the packages is exactly the same as in Sage.

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