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1D Semiconductor Physics Equations

Drift-diffusion Model

Equations are here (4):

This is called a drift-diffusion model and can model any semiconductor. For example pn-junctions:


or thin films of silicon, very simplified model is here:

The last two equations (and read the assumptions above that had to be made). The 3 nonlinear PDEs is a way more general and precise model, that also gives the charges at the boundaries etc.

1D Case

For the 1D pn-junction, the equations are here:

it's a set of 6 nonlinear first-order ODEs. The boundary conditions are not exactly clear to me yet, but here is what I should get:

so I tried to solve it using the Euler method (for ODEs), see the attached python script. But unfortunately, p(x) explodes, but it should go to zero, as x->320nm. So either the equations are wrong, or I am setting the model constants wrong.

The constants (in the code) are:

Constants (SI units)


q: 1.6022e-19
k_b: 1.3806503e-23
eps_0: 8.854187817e-12
T: 298.0


eps_r: 12.93
mu_p: 0.045
mu_n: 0.14
D_p: 0.00115556862583
D_n: 0.00359510239146
N_A: 5e+23
N_D: 2e+24