Simple Microsoft Windows sessions event logs visualization
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Event2Timeline is a free tool based on D3js to graph Microsoft Windows sessions events. It parses both EVTX event logs from post Vista systems (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8), and CSV exports of the legacy EVT log files.

How to install

  • Clone the git repository

  • Create a virtual environment with virtualenv and activate it (optional)

  • Install requirements with pip install -r requirements.txt


How to run

For old EVT files:

  • Convert your eventlogs to CSV format. You can use the free Microsoft Log Parser 2.2.

  • Run -c -f csv_filename.csv

  • Open timeline/timeline-sessions.html in your favorite browser

The timeline is divided into two parts: a large timeline, and a smaller one. You can select what events to display on the large timeline by dragging your mouse on the smaller timeline. Events encompassed in the selected timespan will be displayed on the bigger timeline.

Post-Vista EVTX files are supported. Just run -e -f Security.evtx


Rendering example


This work is licensed under the GPL License