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Welcome to IntelMQ!


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IntelMQ is a solution for IT security teams (CERTs & CSIRTs, SOCs, abuse departments, etc.) for collecting and processing security feeds (such as log files) using a message queuing protocol. It's a community driven initiative called IHAP (Incident Handling Automation Project) which was conceptually designed by European CERTs/CSIRTs during several InfoSec events. Its main goal is to give to incident responders an easy way to collect & process threat intelligence thus improving the incident handling processes of CERTs.

IntelMQ can be used for - automated incident handling - situational awareness - automated notifications - as data collector for other tools - etc.

IntelMQ's design was influenced by AbuseHelper, however it was re-written from scratch and aims at:

  • Reducing the complexity of system administration
  • Reducing the complexity of writing new bots for new data feeds
  • Reducing the probability of events lost in all process with persistence functionality (even system crash)
  • Use and improve the existing Data Harmonization Ontology
  • Use JSON format for all messages
  • Provide easy way to store data into Log Collectors like ElasticSearch, Splunk, databases (such as PostgreSQL)
  • Provide easy way to create your own black-lists
  • Provide easy communication with other systems via HTTP RESTful API

It follows the following basic meta-guidelines:

  • Don't break simplicity - KISS
  • Keep it open source - forever
  • Strive for perfection while keeping a deadline
  • Reduce complexity/avoid feature bloat
  • Embrace unit testing
  • Code readability: test with unexperienced programmers
  • Communicate clearly

For support questions please reach out on the the intelmq-users mailing list

IntelMQ Manager and more tools

Several pieces of software evolved around IntelMQ. For example, check out IntelMQ Manager which is a web based interface to easily manage an IntelMQ system.

More tools can be found in the Ecosystem chapter in the documentation.

How to participate

IntelMQ is a community project depending on your contributions. Please consider sharing your work.

  • Have a look at our Developers Guide for documentation.
  • Subscribe to the Intelmq-dev Mailing list to get answers to your development questions:
  • The Github issues lists all the open feature requests, bug reports and ideas.
  • Some developers are also on IRC: channel #intelmq on

Incident Handling Automation Project


This software is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License version 3


This project was partially funded by the CEF framework

Co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union