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@@ -56,24 +56,18 @@ Table of Contents
1. `How to Install <#how-to-install>`__
2. `Developers Guide <#developers-guide>`__
3. `User Guide <#user-guide>`__
4. `IntelMQ Manager <#intelmq-manager>`__
5. `Incident Handling Automation
4. `IntelMQ Manager and more tools <#intelmq-manager-and-more-tools>`__
5. `How to Participate <#how-to-participate>`__
6. `Incident Handling Automation
Project <#incident-handling-automation-project>`__
6. `Data Harmonization <#data-harmonization>`__
7. `How to Participate <#how-to-participate>`__
8. `Licence <#licence>`__
9. `Funded by <#funded-by>`__
7. `Licence <#licence>`__
8. `Funded by <#funded-by>`__

How to Install

See `INSTALL <docs/>`__.

Developers Guide

See `Developers Guide <docs/>`__.

User Guide

@@ -84,37 +78,38 @@ If you know additional feeds and how to parse them, please contribute your code
For support questions please use the intelmq-users mailing list:

IntelMQ Manager
IntelMQ use the Data Harmonization. Please read `this
document <docs/>`__ for more details.

IntelMQ Manager and more tools

Check out this graphical
`tool <>`__ and easily
manage an IntelMQ system.

More tools can be found in the `ecosystem documentation <docs/>`__.

How to participate

IntelMQ is a community project depending on your contributions. Please consider sharing your work.

- Have a look at our `Developers Guide <docs/>`__ for documentation.
- Subscribe to the Intelmq-dev Mailing list to get answers to your development questions:
- The `Github issues <>`__ lists all the open feature requests, bug reports and ideas.
- Looking for ideas which additional feeds you could add support for? The `Feeds whishlist <docs/>`__ is the list you are looking for.
- Contribute code with pull requests (The `Github help <>`__ can be useful if you are not familiar with the system yet).
- Some developers are also on IRC: `channel #intelmq on <ircs://>`__.

Incident Handling Automation Project

- **URL:**
- **Mailing-list:**

Data Harmonization

IntelMQ use the Data Harmonization. Please read `this
document <docs/>`__ for more details.

How to participate

- Subscribe to the Intelmq-dev Mailing list: (for
- Watch out for our regular developers conf call
- IRC: server:, channel: #intelmq
- Via github issues
- Via Pull requests (please do read first)


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