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The GitHub Game Off 2012 is a game jam / hackathon / coding challenge to create an open source a web-based game
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Fork It!

Playable URL:

Description: You are playing as Phil! He is a rare species of box that has the ability to push, pull, remove and take colors from inanimate boxes. He's also hungry so help him find the cake in each level!

How To Play: You'll find the gameplay instructions in the main window below the game.

Hints: Each level may have a hint. These hints will be in the green box below the game.

Created By: Thomas Jacobs, Sean Cusick, Dan Bergren and Tom Patterson

Technologies Used: Crafty.js



$ nodenv install
$ npm install


$ gulp server

Then head to localhost:8080. Magic!


This will create a production-ready static site in the dist directory.

$ gulp build


Deploys will always try to build first.

$ gulp deploy
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