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#include "mjson.h" // Sketch -> Add File -> Add mjson.h
// Gets called by the RPC engine to send a reply frame
static int wfn(const char *frame, int frame_len, void *privdata) {
return Serial.write(frame, frame_len);
// Catch MQTT messages on topic "ccm/led", and switch LED on/off.
// Cloud connector forwards us MQTT messages as RPC frames like this:
// {"method": "MQTT.Message", "params": {"topic": "ccm/led", "message": "1"}}
static void mqtt_cb(struct jsonrpc_request *r) {
char msg[100] = "";
mjson_get_string(r->params, r->params_len, "$.message", msg, sizeof(msg));
digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, atoi(msg)); // message is either "0" or "1"
// Each time Cloud Connector boots, it sends "Sys.Init" to the host controller.
// Host controller can use it to do run-time initialisation of Cloud Connector.
// In our case, we subscribe to the "ccm/led" MQTT topic.
static void sys_init_cb(struct jsonrpc_request *r) {
jsonrpc_call(wfn, NULL, "{%Q: %Q, %Q: {%Q: %Q}}",
"method", "MQTT.Sub", "params", "topic", "ccm/led");
void setup() {
Serial.begin(115200); // Init serial comms
pinMode(LED_BUILTIN, OUTPUT); // Configure LED pin
jsonrpc_init(NULL, NULL); // Init JSON-RPC engine
jsonrpc_export("MQTT.Message", mqtt_cb, NULL); // Set MQTT message callback
jsonrpc_export("Sys.Init", sys_init_cb, NULL); // Set init callback
void loop() {
// Read serial input from Cloud Connector byte by byte into an input buffer.
// When a complete JSON-RPC frame is received, call handler function.
while (Serial.available() > 0) jsonrpc_process_byte(, wfn, NULL);
// Publish to MQTT approximately every 5000 milliseconds.
// Topic: "ccm/data", message: current uptime in milliseconds.
static unsigned long old, now;
now = millis();
if (old > now || old + 5000 < now) {
old = now;
jsonrpc_call(wfn, NULL, "{%Q: %Q, %Q: {%Q: %Q, %Q: %lu}}",
"method", "MQTT.Pub", "params", "topic", "ccm/data",
"message", now);
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