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Embedded web server for C/C++
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Mongoose - Embedded Web Server

Mongoose is ideal for embedded environments. It has been designed for connecting devices and bringing them online. Mongoose has been on the market since 2004 and attracted over 1 million cumulative downloads.

It provides easy to use event-driven interface that allows to implement network protocols or scalable network applications with little effort. Mongoose helps developers to manage the complexity of network programming and let them concentrate on the logic, saving time and money.

Nothing overdone. Nothing less. So unbelievably easy to use. Just how good software should be! -- Pritin Tyagaraj, SAP


  • Cross-platform: works on Linux/UNIX, MacOS, QNX, eCos, Windows, Android, iPhone, FreeRTOS (TI CC3200, ESP8266), etc
  • Single-threaded, asynchronous, non-blocking core with simple event-based API
  • Native support for PicoTCP embedded TCP/IP stack, LWIP embedded TCP/IP stack
  • Builtin protocols:
    • plain TCP, plain UDP, SSL/TLS (over TCP, one-way or two-way)
    • HTTP client, HTTP server
    • Websocket client, Websocket server
    • JSON-RPC client, JSON-RPC server
    • MQTT client, MQTT broker
    • CoAP client, CoAP server
    • DNS client, DNS server, async DNS resolver
  • Tiny static and run-time footprint
  • Source code is both ISO C and ISO C++ compliant
  • Very easy to integrate: just copy mongoose.c and mongoose.h files to your build tree
  • Extensively tested and production-ready, trusted by many blue chip businesses

Dashboard Example

Mongoose is often used to implement device dashboards and real-time data exchange over Websocket. Here is a dashboard example that illustrates the functionality:

Developing a new product? Contact us today to discuss how Mongoose can help


People who have agreed to the Cesanta CLA can make contributions. Note that the CLA isn't a copyright assigment but rather a copyright license. You retain the copyright on your contributions.


You are using Mongoose under GPLv2 and until you commercialize your application, can continue to use Mongoose free of charge.

Once you commercialize your product, in order to comply with GPLv2 you need to either open the source code of your product fully or alternatively purchase a commercial license. We offer three levels of commercial licensing:

  • Mongoose Lite: cross platform integration, SSL/TLS, HTTP support
  • Mongoose: Mongoose Lite + HTTP CGI, HTTP SSI, HTTP Digest Auth, WebSocket support
  • Mongoose Premium: Mongoose + Plain TCP, UDP, JSON-RPC, MQTT, DNS, CoAP support

Enquire about commercial licensing here

Mongoose Binary

This is our easy to use web server for web developers (PHP, Ruby, Python, etc) and web designers. Available in three editions to suit your needs: free, pro (USD 5) and dev edition (from USD 8). To install, simply download, double-click to start and run browser - that's all!

Download Mongoose Binary here

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