Reasonable starting point for building a web app
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Web app

Reasonable starting point for building a web app.


  • Heavily commented webpack configuration with reasonable defaults
  • JSX, ES6, and ES7 support with babel.js
  • CSS Modules
  • Source maps included in all builds
  • Development server with hot reload when possible and refresh otherwise
  • Production builds with cache busting and asset minification
  • Testing environment using karma to run tests and mocha as the framework
  • Code coverage when tests are run
  • No gulp and no grunt, just npm run-scripts


Install node, my favored approach is using Node Version Manager.

Clone the repo and change origin git remote.

$ npm install


All scripts are run with npm run [script], for example: npm run test.

  • build - generate a minified build to public folder
  • dev - start development server, try it by opening http://localhost:8080/
  • lint - lint the project using standard
  • test - lint and run all tests
  • test:unit - run all unit tests
  • tdd - continuously run unit tests watching for changes

See what each script does by looking at the scripts section in package.json.

NOTE: to generate a full production build you must run the build command with NODE_ENV=production.


Use standard for linting. It has editor plugins.