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Easy access to the power of the Vim GUI.

See the screen shots at

1 command for immediate access to customized window structures and content during Vim sessions.

The Developer

  • Avoids hit-or-miss, time-consuming, manual, repetitious runs of :split/:vsplit, and thought-sinks about how to produce an intended window structure

  • Avoids losing current configurations due to mid-session reloads of backed-up Vim sessions that have preferred window structures

  • Avoids loss of focus from these discontinuities


This plugin is structured for deployment in a pathogen-managed bundle directory.

If pathogen is not installed, copy the the files in the tabwins subdirs to the same subdirs in ~/.vim.


See doc/tabwins.txt for more information, or view that file via Vim :help.

An html version of the .txt file is at