Sample code for Darwin-OP and Ardunio+Android robots from Cloud Robotics Hackathon Tutorial:
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This project contains sample code for making a arduino robot recognize dots in front of it using OpenCV, send its results to and also control the robot using another Android using either voice or gestures to tell the robot to turn or do other things.

The Tutorial folder breaks it down into manageble chunks:

Issues which explain the code and let you see the diffs between each step:

The other folders are the code from our cloud robotics project (forked from google code to github since it seems to be easier for people to set up at hackathons)

Hacking a Darwin-OP robot and a DFRobtoshop Rover at the Montreal cloud robotics hackathon, March 3-4 2012

Want to see our robots in action? Here is our video submission for the Hackathon:

Here is Roogle-Rover's OpenCV status on

Here is Roogle-Dawin's status on