Machine Learning Time-Series Platform
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cesium: Open-Source Platform for Time Series Inference

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cesium is an open source library that allows users to:

  • extract features from raw time series data (see list),
  • build machine learning models from these features, and
  • generate predictions for new data.

The cesium library also powers computations within the cesium web interface, which allows similar time series analyses to be performed entirely within the browser.

More information and examples can be found on our home page.

Installation from binaries:

  • Wheels for Mac and Linux can be installed via pip install cesium.

Installation from source:

  1. Install Cython
  2. Clone the repository: git clone
  3. cd cesium && pip install -e .

Note that cesium requires a C99 compiler, which in particular excludes MSVC. On Windows, a different compiler like MinGW has to be used.


cesium uses the 3-clause BSD licence. The full license may be found in LICENSE.txt.