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Cespare's Dotfiles

This is a repository containing my typical configuration files. It has a bunch of useful stuff that I like to have backed up and ready to put on a new machine to make it usable. Note that my vim configuration is a separate repository.

Some notes about specific files/directories:

  • .bashrc.cespare The way I configure bash is by sourcing .bashrc.cespare from whatever bashrc my platform gives me. (If I'm making a .bashrc from scratch, then I'll just put this in it: source $HOME/.bashrc.cespare There are platform- and work-specific .bashrc files which are pulled in as needed by .bashrc.cespare. I try to add things to the most general .bashrc.
  • When I build software by hand, I symlink the executable in $HOME/bin. This stuff should not be in version control.
  • scripts/ This is a directory of useful little scripts. Some of them are very platform-specific. Some are things I wrote years ago. There's no guarantee any of them are sane/useful/safe.
  • .vimrc My vim configuration is a separate repository, and so .vimrc and .gvimrc symlink to the config files in there.