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Slate config changes for positional focus

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1 parent 52fc087 commit b9ac90d9b8f44a2da67bb28d0b8b529b63107c45 @cespare committed Jul 12, 2011
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@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
config defaultToCurrentScreen true
config secondsBetweenRepeat 0.1
+config focusCheckWidthMax 1500
config focusPreferSameApp false
#### Aliases ####
@@ -107,11 +108,11 @@ bind up:ctrl;cmd ${expand-up}
bind down:ctrl;cmd ${expand-down}
# Select windows positionally
-bind h:cmd focus left
-bind l:cmd focus right
-bind j:cmd focus down
-bind k:cmd focus up
-bind m:cmd focus behind
+bind h:alt focus left
+bind l:alt focus right
+bind j:alt focus down
+bind k:alt focus up
+bind m:alt focus behind
# Layouts
bind 3:ctrl;cmd layout 3-screen

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