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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require "colorize"
rescue LoadError
abort "You need the colorize gem to use git-rescue-branch: $ gem install colorize"
$ git rescue-branch <branch-to-rescue>
This command is used for fixing a branch that has had a merge on it rebased. This situation most often occurs
when you are working on a topic branch and merge the mainline branch (typically master) in; then `git pull
--rebase`. The rebase deletes the merge and recreates the merged commits on the topci branch, which is almost
never what you want.
This script will create a new branch from the mainline branch and then cherry-pick onto it every commit from
the bad branch that does not exist (judging by its changeset) on the mainline branch. It uses git-cherry to
accomplish this task.
Run git-rescue-branch from the mainline reference branch (usually master) and pass it the name of the bad
branch that contains the rebased merges. It will create a new, cleaned-up branch for you. Afterwards, you can
use the new branch if you want and abandon the old one, or you can `reset --hard` the old branch to the fixed
branch and then `push -f` the branch. (This will require everyone working on the branch to `pull -f`, so it
may not be desirable.)
SHA_REGEX = /[0-9a-z]{40}/
def quit(message)
exit 1
quit USAGE unless (["-h", "--help"] & ARGV).empty?
quit USAGE if ARGV.empty?
current_branch = nil
# TODO: Do the following without using git-branch (which is a porcelain command). It's a little annoying
# because I'd need to look in refs/heads and also parse packed-refs
branches = `git branch --no-color`.split("\n").map do |branch_line|
matches = branch_line.match /([\*| ]) (.*)$/
quit "Error parsing `git branch" unless matches && matches.size == 3
branch_name = matches[2]
current_branch = branch_name if matches[1] == "*"
branch_to_rescue = ARGV[0]
quit "No local branch '#{branch_to_rescue}`" unless branches.include? branch_to_rescue
common_ancestor = `git merge-base #{current_branch} #{branch_to_rescue}`.strip
unless common_ancestor =~ /^#{SHA_REGEX}$/
quit "Cannot locate a common ancestor between #{current_branch} and #{branch_to_rescue}."
cherry_lines = `git cherry #{current_branch} #{branch_to_rescue}`.split("\n").map(&:strip).compact
if cherry_lines.size > 50
puts "There are #{cherry_lines.size} commits on #{branch_to_rescue} that are not on #{current_branch}."
print "Type 'yes' to continue: "
unless STDIN.gets.chomp == "yes"
puts "quiting."
duplicated_commits = []
good_commits = []
cherry_lines.each do |line|
matches = line.match /^([\+|-]) (#{SHA_REGEX})$/
quit "Bad output from git-cherry." unless matches && matches.size == 3
matches[1] == "-" ? duplicated_commits << matches[2] : good_commits << matches[2]
if duplicated_commits.empty?
quit "It does not appear that any commits exist on #{branch_to_rescue} that are duplicates of commits " <<
"on #{current_branch}."
elsif good_commits.empty?
quit "It does not appear that #{branch_to_rescue} has any new commits on it that aren't on " <<
rescued_branch_name = "#{branch_to_rescue}-fixed"
if branches.include? rescued_branch_name
quit "Cannot make branch #{rescued_branch_name} -- branch already exists."
`git checkout -b #{rescued_branch_name}`
good_commits.each do |commit|
puts "Cherry-picking: #{`git show --pretty="%h %an %s" -s #{commit}`}"
`git cherry-pick #{commit}`
`git checkout #{current_branch}`
puts <<
New branch #{rescued_branch_name} created.
This branch contains all the commits from #{branch_to_rescue} that are not duplicate patches of commits in
Next steps:
You may wish to push #{rescued_branch_name} to your git server (possibly after renaming it) and continue work
there and abandon #{branch_to_rescue}. Alaternatively, you can blow away #{branch_to_rescue} and replace it
with #{rescued_branch_name} (this method is destructive and will require you to push -f and any collaborators
to pull -f; don't use it unless you know what you are doing):
$ git checkout #{branch_to_rescue}
$ git reset --hard #{rescued_branch_name}
$ git branch -d #{rescued_branch_name}
$ git push -f