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git-delete-submodule: delete the metadata directory ourselves for 1.7…

….8+ compatibility
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1 parent be1b982 commit 1fb1a5de5d7bf15261272d4339abfc7ae1e71e16 @cespare committed Mar 15, 2012
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@@ -60,11 +60,20 @@ puts "Removing the appropriate section from .git/config..."
`git config -f .git/config --remove-section submodule.#{submodule_path} 2> /dev/null`
# Don't need to check this one -- it might not exist if you haven't run git submodule init yet.
+metadata_directory = `cd #{submodule_path} && git rev-parse --git-dir`.strip
puts "Deleting the submodule from the git cache..."
`git rm --cached #{submodule_path}`
unless $?
- abort "There was a running 'git rm --cached #{submodule_path}'. Aborting."
+ abort "There was an error running 'git rm --cached #{submodule_path}'. Aborting."
+# Need to explicitly remove the metadata dir for 1.7.8+ compatibility
+puts "Removing the metadata directory..."
+unless metadata_directory
+ abort "The submodule's metadata directory was reported to be #{metadata_directory}, but it does not exist."
+`rm -rf #{metadata_directory}`
FileUtils.rm_rf submodule_path

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