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A pure Go implementation of the smaz compression library for short strings.

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go-smaz is a pure Go implementation of antirez's smaz, a library for compressing short strings (particularly containing English words).


$ go get


import ""
s := "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party."
compressed := smaz.Compress([]byte(s))           // type is []byte
decompressed, err := smaz.Decompress(compressed) // type is []byte; string(decompressed) == s

Also see the API documentation.


go-smaz is not a direct port of the C version. It is not guaranteed that the output of smaz.Compress will be precisely the same as the C library. However, the output should be decompressible by the C library, and the output of the C library should be decompressible by smaz.Decompress.

Right now go-smaz is very slow -- a very hasty benchmark on my beefy quad-core desktop showed compression running at < 2MB/s and decompression at ~14MB/s. Initially I just hacked up a working implementation with no thought for performance; I'll profile it and make it a lot faster when I get a chance.


Caleb Spare (cespare). smaz was created by Salvatore Sanfilippo (antirez).


MIT Licensed.

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