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Gundo.vim is Vim plugin to visualize your Vim undo tree.

Current status: Alpha. It will probably eat your data. Be careful.


  • Vim 7.3+
  • Python support for Vim.


Use Pathogen. Don't use pathogen? Start.

Add a mapping to your ~/.vimrc (change the key to suit your taste):

nnoremap <F5> :GundoToggle<CR>


When you're editing a file you can bring up the undo graph for that file with <F5> (or whatever key you mapped it to).

Press <F5> again to close the undo graph and return to your file.

Use j and k to move up and down the graph. The preview pane will update with a diff of the change made by the undo state you're currently on.

Press return to revert the file's contents to that undo state and return to the file.

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