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An easy-to-use markdown-formatting pastebin.




  • Markdown rendering and syntax highlighting
  • Doesn't look terrible
  • HTTPS built in
  • Automatic document deletion


Pastedown is written in Go and uses Sass and Coffeescript for generating stylesheets and Javascript. It uses Pygments for syntax highlighting.

To run Pastedown, you will need:

  • Python

To build/develop Pastedown you will also require:


For now, the process is:

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Run make.

This builds the server executable (pastedown) and the associated static files. Run it with:

$ ./pastedown [OPTIONS]

Use ./pastedown -h to see all the available options.


You'll need Reflex and Go as in the installation instructions. Use the following command to run the server and rebuild/rerun it when files change:

$ reflex -d fancy -c Reflexfile

This is also available as

$ make watch


Follow the installation instructions, then run this command:

$ make tarball

to build a tarball of all the files you'll need. Copy this to your server and run pastedown with the options you want as before. You may wish to make an init script or more fleshed-out deployment scripts.