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NOTE: I neither use nor maintain this project anymore.


A web app for planning poker.

Here's a screenshot:



Make sure you have node installed. Then you should be able to run bundle install and then run the app directly:

$ ruby scrumcard_server.rb


$ ruby scrumcard_server.rb --port 3456 --host


This should be obvious if you visit the app in your browser (perhaps from several browsers at once). Note that the interface is actually optimized for a mobile phone.


This software was written to be the easiest thing that would work. We have intentionally cut many corners. All data is kept in memory on the server -- there is no persistence whatsoever. This also means that the app cannot be run simultaneously on multiple servers without room- and user-aware load-balancing. There is also no user authentication.

All of this is intentional and will probably never be fixed, because we don't anticipate needing to support large numbers of people simultaneously doing sprint planning.


Copyright (c) 2011 Caleb Spare

MIT License