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  • Histogram
  • Previous results section should indicate when it is the current result for the complete vote
  • Update the Rooms view with ajax to see when other people create rooms without refreshing
  • Two columns for displaying results
  • Login with email; retrieve gravatars to go with the username
  • Investigate long-polling options that aren't too difficult to implement and work on phones
  • Hand cursor for buttons
  • Bug: when the vote is revealed by someone leaving the room, the 'previous results' aren't updated.
  • Bug: Sometimes voting appears to have no effect. See if we can determine why...maybe we need to retry on failure or something?
  • Scrub debugging logging statements in the coffeescript.
  • Rewrite in Golang +
  • A 'show votes' button
  • A 'pester everyone who hasn't voted' button.
  • Bug(ish): the votes are re-hidden when someone joins the room.