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My personal vim configuration.
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autoload Move pathogen to submodule
indent Some syntax updates (scala and stylus)
pathogen @ ab64b4d Update all submodules (bundles).
syntax Update go configuration
.gitignore Ignoring .netrwhist
.gitmodules Update vim-go Cleaned up .vim; added bundles as submodules.
filetype.vim Associate .tpl files with Go templates
vimrc Try out some new Go settings

My Vim configuration

This folder has my usual vim configuration. I don't have any kind of write-up where I explain it, and I change it all the time, but fortunately the internet abounds with good vim resources. The main ones I would recommend are the following:

  • Pathogen. This is the best vim plugin ever. Manage your packages with sanity.
  • Coming Home to Vim. Fantastic post on vim plugins, configuration, etc. Beautiful blog, too. I highly recommend reading the whole thing; you'll be inspired to do great things with your vim configuration.
  • How I Boosted my Vim Decent intro to vim configuration.
  • The Modern Vim Config with Pathogen Useful post on using Pathogen.
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