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Android application prototype
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localizeandroid's chief goal is to provide a location-based service that manages a set of personally added locations (e.g.: country, city, tourism-related place, store, school, classroom,…). Users are able to manage the properties of the locations, including tags that enable a refined search mechanism. A visual-search display of a map with the search results is also available.

This is an academic android project, developed in the context of the course Software Engineering II at School of Technology and Management from Polytechnic of Leiria.

Topics covered in the application

  • How to copy items from the assets folder to the SD card on the device and start the media indexing service to share items to the gallery
  • How to integrate the application within the global search
  • How to create a loader using a thread
  • How to implement a dual search mode using a splitview with a result and map list
  • How to implement context and options menus
  • How to create a database layer (with triggers and a virtual table for the unified search) to store the application data
  • How to create an advanced search mechanism using the match from the SQLite
  • How to create multiple overlays to set a GPS position on a map
  • How to create a popup over a map
  • How to integrate your application with the android media gallery
  • Among other things


  • Android SDK 2.2 with the Google API's (custom debug key in the root of the project)
  • SD card (to use the local type icons functionality)



loading screen

Results on map

results map screen

Results on map - landscape orientation

results map screen - landscape orientation

Results list

results list screen

Advanced search

advanced search screen

Context menu

![context menu screen]( screen.png)

Manage option

manage option screen

Contextual options menu

map options screen

Position editing

position editing screen

Android gallery integration

android gallery screen

HTML help window

help window screen


The comments in the code and the application help are available only in Portuguese. Sorry!

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