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Rust bindings for OpenEXR.


OpenEXR is a bitmap image file format that can store high dynamic range images along with other arbitrary per-pixel data. It is used heavily in the VFX and 3D animation industries.

The goal of this library is to wrap and support all features of OpenEXR 2.x. Convenient and safe API's will be provided for most functionality. However, to provide the full flexibility of the underlying C++ library, there may be a few unsafe API's as well that expose more nitty-gritty.


The documentation for the latest release on will eventually be here, but due to missing dependencies is not currently building. This will hopefully be resolved in the near future.

The documentation for the latest master can be found here.


You will need builds of OpenEXR and zlib available. You can specify the prefixes the libraries are installed to with the ILMBASE_DIR, OPENEXR_DIR, and ZLIB_DIR environment variables. Depending on how your OpenEXR was built, you may also need to set OPENEXR_LIB_SUFFIX to a value such as "2_2". If an _DIR variable is unset, pkgconfig will be used to try to find the corresponding library automatically.


This library has been tested on Linux and Windows. Basic I/O is supported, including reading from memory.


  • Wrap scanline output.
  • Wrap generic input.
  • Support for Half floats.
  • Handle exceptions at the API boundary (safety!).
  • Wrap custom attributes.
  • Wrap tiled output.
  • Wrap tiled input.
  • Handle different tiled modes (e.g. MIP maps and RIP maps).
  • Wrap deep data input/output.
  • Wrap multi-part file input/output.
  • Make simple convenience functions for basic RGB/RGBA input and output.
  • Make build system more robust to various platforms and configurations.


OpenEXR-rs is distributed under the terms of the MIT license (see LICENSE for details). The code for OpenEXR itself is distributed under the terms of a modified BSD license (see for details). zlib is distributed under the terms of the zlib license (see for details).

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