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Z-Tree Random ID Assignment

The example code provided here illustrates methods for randomly assigning Subject, Group, and Role IDs in Z-Tree. These examples were written to acompany a tutorial explaining how the souce code (i.e. the Fisher-Yates alorithm) works.


To run the sample code download the project zip file, there should be a Download ZIP button to the right of this text. Once the project file has been decompressed you can find all of the example source program directories in the src directory. To run the sample program Start Z-Tree, import the sample program (File, Import...), save it (File, Save), and run it (Run, Start Treatment).


If you would like to make a change to an existing sample program and have your update reflected here, or would like to add your own QA sample program, fork this project, make your additions and changes, and send me a pull request. Don't have a github account? What are you waiting for? Go get one, it's free!


Academic Free License v. 3.0