Bloch-McConnell simulation (full numerical)
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Bloch-McConnell simulation (full numerical and analytical) and fit (multi B1) preRelease 2017

the code was used and is documented for the paper:

Zaiss, M., Angelovski, G., Demetriou, E., McMahon, M. T., Golay, X. and Scheffler, K. (2017), QUESP and QUEST revisited – fast and accurate quantitative CEST experiments. Magn. Reson. Med. doi:10.1002/mrm.26813

Allows for simulation of BM system upon RF presaturation

  • multiple pools possible (water, 5 CEST, 1 semisolid MT)
  • trains RF pulses with arbitratry pulse shapes possible (gauss, sinc, spin-lock already implemented)
  • both analytical (if possible) and full numerical simulation possible
  • transient and steady-state possible
  • first order readout schemes possible
  • Both full Z-spectra and single offset evaluation possible
  • Ready for multi parameter simulations

Read more about usage in \doc\BM_Documentation.docx and \doc\BM_tutorial.pptx

###Acknowledgments This code was created by Moritz Zaiss based on the cw BM simulation and fit of Shanrong Zhang. A revised version was created with the help of Patrick Schuenke, Christian Meyer, Christian David and Volkert Roeloffs.