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If you came here from the CHUG, you might want to see the slide deck here #Introduction This is an illustrative project intended to demonstrate a simple, yet not quite as simple as Word Count, NLP algorithm implemented in Hadoop Map Reduce. This is also intended to demonstrate my opinions on unit testing Map Reduce jobs.

#Description The purpose of the project is to take a dataset of around 1400 speeches from Senators along with an ideal-point mapping onto the number line of the politicians based around the work of Simon Jackman to do the following:

  • Find partition points separating Conservative, Moderate and Liberal senators by dividing the probability density into thirds (see histogram)
  • Use this partition to construct three corpuses associated with Conservative, Moderate and Liberal senators
  • Preprocess using a Porter Stemmer and rank the tokenized terms by Inverse Document Frequency
  • Take the ranked terms and output the terms that are important in the corpus associated with one political orientation but not the others.

##Partition The partition of the probability space is split into even thirds as can be seen here:

density plot

##Output The results, for the curious, are here:


#Current Caveats

  • A naive partition based on an even partition of the probability space may be unsuitable. I didn't know of a better, politically agnostic way to do this.
  • An analysis based on n-grams would be more appropriate or at least a more intelligent chunking algorithm so that words like "north korea" are not split.
  • This is not as efficient as it could be. I could have used term IDs instead of the actual terms, but I wanted the Map Reduce job to be as clear as possible

This code is mostly an intellectual lark and a demonstration of NLP done using Map Reduce that does not require the baggage of Mahout.

#Usage ##Prerequisites To execute this, you must have:

  • A JDK installed
  • Maven 2 or higher installed

To generate the histogram, you need to have R. To generate the presentation from the Cleveland CHUG, you need latex

##To generate the full example From the command line, in the political-nlp-analysis directory, execute

 mvn integration-test

You can then use the political-nlp-analysis/ script to generate the top words for a particular political orientation thusly: {LIBERAL, MODERATE, CONSERVATIVE} <number of terms>

You can reconstruct the density plot using the political-nlp-analysis/src/main/R/ script: <path to ideal_points.csv>


If anyone has comments, concerns or criticisms, please let me hear about it at