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 - ImageAcquisitionSettings (in progress)
    There needs to be a place to store things like F/L, Aperture, Site
    locations, Sensor characteristics, Image scale etc...this would be
    a place to centralize those data points for all of the other
    processes in the module.
 - ExposeImage (in progress)
   This will support the following parameters:
       cameraID (this will dispatch to the Camera object that exists
       		         in the camera settings...) <- I am rethinking this.  Perhaps this is something better left to introduce at a later stage...
       ... I am probably missing some, but you should get the general idea here...
		 [x] Implement cross platform driver for devices
		 	[x] Camera
		 	[x] Filter Wheel
		 [/] Implement Device Simulators
		 	[x] Camera (haven't used since 2012 may not work too well.)
		 	[/] Filter Wheel (50%)
		 [x] Unify Current Camera logic across processes (currently there is a direct
		 		access to the pointer...not good)
		 [x] Setup CppUnit
		 [ ] Wire up filterWheelData as a globally shared object (similar to cameraData)
		 [/] ExposeImage process / instance / interface
		       [x] Duration
                       [x] Qty
                       [x] Camera Connection Logic
                       [x] Threading for global execution
                       [x] File save
		 	   [x] FITS file output
		       [x] File Path Validation
		       [x] Don't overwrite existing files
		       [ ] Delay for first exposure
                       [ ] Implement Set Temperature
                       [x] Implement Frame and Focus
                       [x] Can I change the look of the window a bit?
                       [x] Implement Abort 
                       [x] Binning
                       [ ] Filter selection
                       [/] Implement FileOutputPattern stuff (75% - not really sure what is left here?)
                       [ ] Fix range sliders.  Perhaps we should just use a list of predefined times like 1s, 30s, 1m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m
                       [x] Implement Temperature Monitoring / UI updates
                       [x] Implement Sub Frame Exposure (should this be width height x,y or x1, x2 etc...?
                       [ ] Implement rectangle based selection for sub frame
                       [x] Add delay in between exposures
		 [ ] ImageAcquisitionSettings process / instance / interface
                       [x] Camera Settings
                       [x] Implement Serialized Settings Persistance for Cameras
                       [ ] Filter Wheel Settings
                       [ ] Implement Serialized Settings Persistance for Filter Wheels
                       [ ] Implement Default Camera Driver
                       [ ] Implement Default Filter Wheel Driver
		 [x] Add thread safety for Camera Data access 
		 [ ] Implement error handling across the different user interactions
		 [ ] Expose scripting interface (make sure that the std paradigms that PI offers are 
		 		adhered to)
		 [ ] Documentation!
		 [x] PixInsight 1.8 support
		 [ ] Rework camera settings to only support 1 primary camera and 1 secondary camera for
		     now - this will make the UI a lot easier to work with.
		 [x] Linux Support
 - ImagingSession
    I'm thinking this can drive multiple sets of ImageExposures.
    We can add actions as the rest of the processes are developed.

 - Autoguide
    This would be higher priority, but PHD guiding is good and
    free. (I've bumped this up the list per Vicent's feedback.)
    I'm not sure if Autoguide is a standalone process or not.  I think 
    it probably is.  But I don't think I can say that for sure at this

    A real time monitor of star quality.  It can even possibly notify
    a user based on a threshold that there is an increase in HFD

 - SlewProcess
    This should be fairly easy to do.

 - FocusProcess
    With a HFD/FWHM function, this would be relatively easy to implement.
    VCurve plot is tricky

 - PlateSolve
   This would be a fairly "dumb" module that could interface with the
   Blind Solver or PinPoint etc...

 - CurvatureMeasurement
   I would also like to be able to perform similar curvature maps like

 - TiltMeasurement
   And tilt as well...

All of these processes will have GUI interfaces where appropriate and
instance classes.